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Makeup Tips for a Flawless Finish

Hey ya'll! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I just got back home and am quite exhausted, but I had such a great weekend!
I often times get asked "what do you do to have such flawless skin?" or "what foundation do you use?" and the truth is, I don't have that great of skin. I'm also by no means a makeup artist, but I have practiced over the years and found that there are ways to put on your makeup to get that "airbrushed" look. By changing a few steps in your makeup process and using these easy tips, you can have a flawless finish!
1. Know your skin type
This is sooo important! Before going out and buying any make up products, you need to know your skin! There are products out there for every texture, color, etc and it can be easy to just buy the most popular product because you see everyone else using it. If it's not suitable for your skin type though, it can make your makeup go horribly wrong. Knowing your skin type and buying products that are made for your skin are extremely important!
2. Use a primer
This step is so important- I have seen such a change since adding this step to my makeup routine! Going back to my first step, though- It's super important to use the right primer for your skin type! I usually use a hydrating primer all over my face before applying any foundation. The Too Faced Hangover RX is my current favorite for hydration. I also will sometimes use a smoothing primer in my trouble areas or areas where my pores are larger (around the nose, my T-zone, etc.) I definitely recommend starting your make up routine with a primer- it will make such a difference for how your foundation looks and how long it wears throughout the day!
3. Use a foundation fit for your skin
I don't want to repeat myself, so I'll keep it short and sweet- use a foundation made for your skin type. There are great options out there for every skin type- both drugstore and higher end- that are perfect. I suggest doing your research on a product before buying it. A lot of brands or stores will advertise their products as "great for dry skin!" or "made for oily skin!"which is super helpful! These three foundations are great foundations for dry skin:
4. Use a damp beauty sponge to apply your foundation
I have used several different tools to apply my foundation throughout the years, but I have found that a damp beauty sponge gives me the most flawless, airbrushed finish. And yes, you heard that right.... a damp sponge. When I first heard beauty Youtubers say this, I was like "uhhh I don't think so", but I swear by it now! I usually pump a little bit on my hand and dab it all over my face with the sponge, using bouncy motions. This has made such a huge difference in my make up routine! The Original Beauty Blender is a great tool to use, but there are also some great drugstore options available that I will link below!
5. Less is more
I can not say this enough- when trying to achieve a flawless finish with your makeup, less is more!! It is so easy to have your makeup look "thick" or "cakey" when you use too much product. Start with a teenie amount of each product, because you can always add more if you need a little more coverage in some spots. For example, I start with a teenie amount of foundation and apply it all over my face. Then, I will add a little more to any blemishes or dark spots I may have. By the time you add primer, foundation, powder, etc, you are going to have a lot of product on your face- so just use a little of each to avoid having a "cakey" face!
6. Use a translucent powder
This is a step that I have just recently started doing- and it has made such a difference! Instead of using a colored powder, use a translucent powder all over your face after applying your liquid foundation. This has made me have an airbrushed look to my face. Back to my last step though, you only need a little. I use a fluffy powder brush and dust the translucent powder all over my face. Powder is the easiest step to use too much of, and it can quickly change the finish of your face make up! I've linked a few great options for translucent powders down below. 
7. Don't bronze your whole face
I've always applied bronzer all over my face to make myself look more tan. After going back and looking at pictures though, I realized that I actually looked orange and cakey. Knowing the right places to apply bronzer can not only help you look smooth, but it can also help slim the face. You should apply bronzer at a diagonal line from the top of your ears down to your chin. You can also apply bronzer to the sides of your forehead close to your hairline and under your chin to create a "shadow" effect and slim the face. Also make sure to use a bronzer that isn't too orange! I've linked my favorites below.
8. Practice makes perfect
I know this last tip sounds silly, and some people think "It's just make up, what do you need to practice?", but I have found that I really have gotten better the more I do it! I also learn a lot from reading beauty blogs and watching Youtubers. You're not going to have a flawless finish the first time you do make up. I still have days where it doesn't turn out quite like I would like, but my makeup definitely has gotten smoother and more flawless in the past year! So don't get frustrated if you can't get your makeup perfect right away. With time, you will find products and a makeup routine that works for you!

I hope these easy makeup tips help ya'll as much as they have helped me! Also, I am more then happy to answer any questions ya'll ever have. Whether it is questions about certain products, recommendations, tips, etc. please feel free to reach out to me at either or DM me on Instagram! Hope ya'll have a great week!

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