Monday, November 27, 2017

Taking a Break: Moving + Starting a new job

Hey ya'll! Hope everyone's Thanksgiving holiday was great! Mine was full of lots of family, friends, food, and football! I also worked a lot, since Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are two of our busiest days at Unhinged Lifestyle Boutique. My boyfriend came to spend Thanksgiving with me and my family and it was so nice having him in Peachtree City for a full week! We're about to be 9 hours from each other, so I'm soaking in every minute we get together. We spent a lot of time by the bonfire, relaxing and playing cards. Other than my Crimson Tide losing on Saturday (which we will not discuss..) it was the perfect break!

I am writing this post to let ya'll know that I am taking a small break from blogging and social media. As I get ready to move to Dallas very soon (leaving on December 3), I have soooo much to do. I also want to really enjoy my last week living at home with my family, so being glued to my computer is out of the question. Another reason I want to take a break during this hectic time is because I don't want to blog if I am not going to put 100% effort into it- which I just can not do at this time.
I am so excited to star this next chapter of my life in Dallas! I am also excited to get settled in so I can start blogging again and sharing all of my awesome shopping I'll be doing out in Texas!
In the meantime, if ya'll need me please reach out to or by DMing me on instagram!

Monday, November 20, 2017

My Favorite Drugstore Makeup

Hey ya'll! I am so excited to share this highly requested post with ya'll! These are some of my favorite drugstore makeup products that I use every single day! I absolutely love shopping at Target, CVS, Ulta, etc. for great drugstore makeup! (I also use several beauty products from the drugstore that I will share in a different post). You really can find such great products at the drugstore that don't break the bank. I suggest doing your research (read blogs, reviews, watch Youtube videos, etc.) and learn what products are out there! Please let me know if ya'll like posts like this because I love writing them and would love to share more reviews/ suggestions with ya'll!
  As always, please feel free to email me or message me on Instagram / Facebook with any questions about shades/ colors I use, product suggestions, etc.! Hope ya'll have a great week!

Face Products
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer: This concealer is soooo creamy and easy to blend! It's very brightening and helps A LOT to hide your lack of sleep! I love the shade "neutralizer" because it has a yellowy undertone and works well with lots of skin tones! I definitely suggest adding this to your makeup collection.
  •  Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation: Ya'll.. this is the BEST foundation and its only $4.69! It goes on so smooth and has a natural finish. It's great for photos because it doesn't have any flashback. The wand applicator that comes with it makes it so easy to apply on your skin before using your sponge or brush to blend it in. I can't say enough about this foundation- you've got to give it a try! 
  • L'oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation: This is the best foundation if you have dry skin! I have extremely dry skin and I have gone through about 5 bottles of this since I've started using it. It's extremely moisturizing, but doesn't leave you feeling greasy at all. I love mixing this in with other foundations to give it a glowing, moisturizing finish.
  • NYX Angel Veil Primer: This is my all time favorite drugstore primer! It smooths out your skin and fills in pores, but also keeps the skin hydrated. It doesn't have a greasy feeling at all- which happens a lot of times with primers. I put a thin layer of this all over my face under my foundation. It helps your foundation last longer too!
  • Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer: The best bronzer! I have never found a bronzer that I like as much as this one. It's subtle- so it doesn't give you that "muddy" look. It's very natural! Make sure you get the "Bronzer" and not the "Light Bronzer" because the light doesn't have much color to it.

  •  Maybelline Master Chrome Higlighter: I was having a really hard time finding a drugstore highlighter until I came across this one! It has a great golden tone and shine to it without having chunks of glitter. I love adding a little of this to my cheeks to give my face a little glow.
  • Milani Baked Blush: These are sooo pretty! My favorite high end blushes are the Becca Flowerchild and the Nars Orgasm because they both have a shimmering finish to them, and so does these Milani ones! They have great color options and look very natural. I always say that blush is one thing that you don't need to spend alot of money on because there are so many great drugstore options. 
Eye Products
  • Essence Volume Stylist 18 hr. Lash Extension Mascara: This is another great drugstore option! This gives you the "falsies" look without actually having to wear false eyelashes. It's really great for lenght, so I like to combine this with the L'oreal one to get the perfect mix of length and volume!
Lip Products
  • Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color: I love these for a few reasons. First, they have a really great color selection, which I feel like isn't always the case at the drugstore. Second, they are so comfortable to wear! If you have ever tried a liquid lipstick, then you know that they can sometimes be extremely drying, but these aren't at all! They aren't super long wearing, but that really isn't an issue for me. I really love these!
  • Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer Lip Gloss: I love this gloss because it isn't sticky! You don't get those gross stringy lines when you rub your lips together. They also have great color options and are super comfortable to wear! I just throw this in my purse and put it on throughout the day and don't have to worry about it looking messy on my lips. This is one of my favorite drug store glosses!
  • L'oreal Infallible Lip Paints: These are the perfect combo between a liquid lipstick and a gloss. I love the color options- there's so many good nudes and pinks! They're also so comfortable to wear! This line also has mattes and metallics, but I don't like those as much. The paints are definitely my favorite!
Makeup Brushes/ Tools
  • Ecotools Perfecting Blending Duo: For a long time, the only good makeup sponge I could find was the Beauty Blender, which definitely isn't cheap. Recently, sooo many drugstore companies have come out with great alternatives! I love these ecotools ones, and getting two different sizes can be very helpful for applying foundation, concealer, etc.
  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: This is my personal favorite beauty sponge. Since I started using it, I can't do my makeup without it! I love the flat edge to really buff in my foundation and the pointed edge is great to get under your eye. Just run it under the water for like 10 seconds and squeeze it out before applying your makeup- you will get the most flawless finish!
  • Real Techniques Makeup Brushes: I didn't want to separately list each makeup brush I love by them because this post is already super long! But this is such a good drugstore makeup brush option. All of my brushes are either from Real Techniques or Morphe, because you just can't beat the price! If ya'll want, I can do a separate post on my makeup brushes and what I use for each step. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dressy + Comfy: The Perfect Combo

Hey ya'll! First off, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the sweet and encouraging responses to my last post and my job announcement! I am so excited for this next chapter of my life! If anyone has any suggestions about apartments, restaurants, shopping, or anything else in the Dallas area please let me know!!

On a day to day basis, I usually dress comfy & casual. I love oversized sweaters, graphic tees, and cardigans. However, I know that there are times when I'm going to have to ditch the leggings and dress up a little bit. This outfit is the perfect combo of dressy and comfy! These Free People jeans have spandex in them, so they are sooo stretchy and comfy- it feels like you are wearing leggings! I usually only wear jeans with rips, but these help to "dress up" the outfit a little bit. I got mine a while ago, but I've linked a similar pair here. To add some more "dressy" details to the outfit, I wore this cheetah tank (which is on sale for only $14.50 right now!!) and these Jessica Simpson black strappy heels. If it was spring or summer, I would just stop here and wear it without the cardigan, but it's quickly getting colder here so I chose to pair it with this chunky cardigan. This outfit is perfect for a nice dinner, holiday party, or work event. If you were going to a business meeting or professional outing, you could easily switch the cardigan for a blazer or leather jacket. At the same time, if you were going to a casual event, you can just trade the heels for some ankle booties or basic mules. I love how versatile this outfit is for any event that you are attending!

Hope ya'll have a great week! Stay tuned for Sunday's post- it is a very requested one!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Life Update: I'm Moving to Dallas!!

Yes, you read that right: I am moving to Dallas! I have accepted a job with The Impeccable Pig in Southlake, Texas and I am just so excited for this next chapter of my life! Before I get into details, I've got to fill ya'll in with everything that happened last week.

This past week was one of the most emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting weeks ever- which is why I was MIA from social media and my blog. I promised myself when I started this blog that I would post regularly and not make excuses about why I couldn't post. However, with everything that happened last week, I just had to put blogging on the back burner. But I'm back now and so ready to share everything that happened last week with ya'll. Last week was filled with many exciting things, but it started off terribly.

Monday, November 6 was my mom's birthday. We were going to meet my grandparents out for dinner to celebrate at our favorite Mexican restaurant. In an instant, our plans changed and we had to spring into action. We got a call from a neighbor saying the one thing you never want to hear: "your family has been in a car accident." We rushed there and it was a scene that I could not even imagine. I live in a golf cart community, so everyone drives golf carts to school, the grocery store, out to dinner etc. A high school freshman was on the way home from practice on his golf cart when he went to cross the street. I don't know exactly what happened after that, all I know is when I got there, the golf cart was in 2 pieces, the boy was ejected onto the side of the road, there was battery acid & glass everywhere, and my grandma was an absolute wreck. Long story short, the ambulance carried the boy and my grandma to the hospital. Everyone is okay, but the boy has a long way to full recovery. Please keep him and his family in your prayers! Things like that really make you take a step back and love on your family.

Tuesday I traveled to Birmingham for a job interview. It was a full day of driving, especially after being at the hospital till late the night before. But it went well and I made it home safely late that night! Wednesday was another full day! We had Scott's Antique Market this week, so the Wednesdays before are always full of loading our furniture pieces and home decor- it's basically like you are moving in and out all in one weekend! Thursday-Sunday was Scott's Antique Market. It's an antique/ home show that is once a month. My mom does a booth there every month, but I decided to help her out this month since November is always the biggest show. It's long hours and a lot of work, but totally worth it!! 

On Friday I had a phone interview with The Impeccable Pig out in Southlake, Texas. I had interviewed with this company before for one of their locations in Birmingham, but at the time it just ended up not working out. When they called me about this position, I knew Southlake was far away from home, but I still wanted to hear more about it. After talking on the phone for an hour, I just had a gut feeling that this was the job for me. I was so excited about everything she had to say and I knew this job was right up my alley. I thought about it, prayed about it, and talked about it with my family. The next day, she gave me a call and offered me the job; I was ecstatic!! After talking it over more with my family, I knew that this was an opportunity that I could not pass up. I called back on Monday, November 13 and officially accepted the offer!! My first day is December 6 and I am just so excited to move out there and start this next chapter of my life! I have never been one to up and move or travel alone, so this is VERY out of my comfort zone, but this is just something that I have to do and am SO excited to do. I have a ton of family out there, and they have graciously offered their home to me until I am able to find an apartment. I seriously could not do this without all of the love and support of my friends and family, so thank ya'll so much!! 

I am planning on continuing my regular blog schedule this week- so stay tuned for a post this Thursday!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

24 hour sale at Unhinged Lifestyle Boutique!

Hey ya'll! I have decided to do a 24 hour online sale at mine and my mom's store Unhinged Lifestyle Boutique. You have until midnight EST to use the code "LIVESIMPLYGOLDEN" to get 15% off of your entire purchase! We also ship for free to anywhere in the United States, so it's a deal you can't pass up! Head on over to to see all of our new arrivals and to get an awesome deal!

Speaking of Unhinged Lifestyle Boutique, this entire outfit is from there! I absolutely love this embroidered romper. It fits so well and is a great piece that you can dress up or down. Since it is spaghetti straps, I like to layer it with a cardigan or kimono. I am loving tan and black together this fall- so this chunky knit cardigan is the perfect pairing for it! One of my favorite fall combos is Over the Knee boots paired with rompers, dresses, or skirts. I said this in one of my previous posts, but I feel like this pairing is really flattering and makes your legs look long and lean! We don't currently have these boots online, but they can be found in store. I think my favorite part about this outfit is how it's a perfect blend of trendy and cozy. All of these can be found online and can be bought at 15% off today only!

I hope ya'll take advantage of this awesome sale we have going on! Free shipping, 15% off of already low prices, and cute fall pieces.. what's not to love?!
Thanks for reading and for checking out Unhinged Lifestyle Boutique!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Makeup Tips for a Flawless Finish

Hey ya'll! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I just got back home and am quite exhausted, but I had such a great weekend!
I often times get asked "what do you do to have such flawless skin?" or "what foundation do you use?" and the truth is, I don't have that great of skin. I'm also by no means a makeup artist, but I have practiced over the years and found that there are ways to put on your makeup to get that "airbrushed" look. By changing a few steps in your makeup process and using these easy tips, you can have a flawless finish!
1. Know your skin type
This is sooo important! Before going out and buying any make up products, you need to know your skin! There are products out there for every texture, color, etc and it can be easy to just buy the most popular product because you see everyone else using it. If it's not suitable for your skin type though, it can make your makeup go horribly wrong. Knowing your skin type and buying products that are made for your skin are extremely important!
2. Use a primer
This step is so important- I have seen such a change since adding this step to my makeup routine! Going back to my first step, though- It's super important to use the right primer for your skin type! I usually use a hydrating primer all over my face before applying any foundation. The Too Faced Hangover RX is my current favorite for hydration. I also will sometimes use a smoothing primer in my trouble areas or areas where my pores are larger (around the nose, my T-zone, etc.) I definitely recommend starting your make up routine with a primer- it will make such a difference for how your foundation looks and how long it wears throughout the day!
3. Use a foundation fit for your skin
I don't want to repeat myself, so I'll keep it short and sweet- use a foundation made for your skin type. There are great options out there for every skin type- both drugstore and higher end- that are perfect. I suggest doing your research on a product before buying it. A lot of brands or stores will advertise their products as "great for dry skin!" or "made for oily skin!"which is super helpful! These three foundations are great foundations for dry skin:
4. Use a damp beauty sponge to apply your foundation
I have used several different tools to apply my foundation throughout the years, but I have found that a damp beauty sponge gives me the most flawless, airbrushed finish. And yes, you heard that right.... a damp sponge. When I first heard beauty Youtubers say this, I was like "uhhh I don't think so", but I swear by it now! I usually pump a little bit on my hand and dab it all over my face with the sponge, using bouncy motions. This has made such a huge difference in my make up routine! The Original Beauty Blender is a great tool to use, but there are also some great drugstore options available that I will link below!
5. Less is more
I can not say this enough- when trying to achieve a flawless finish with your makeup, less is more!! It is so easy to have your makeup look "thick" or "cakey" when you use too much product. Start with a teenie amount of each product, because you can always add more if you need a little more coverage in some spots. For example, I start with a teenie amount of foundation and apply it all over my face. Then, I will add a little more to any blemishes or dark spots I may have. By the time you add primer, foundation, powder, etc, you are going to have a lot of product on your face- so just use a little of each to avoid having a "cakey" face!
6. Use a translucent powder
This is a step that I have just recently started doing- and it has made such a difference! Instead of using a colored powder, use a translucent powder all over your face after applying your liquid foundation. This has made me have an airbrushed look to my face. Back to my last step though, you only need a little. I use a fluffy powder brush and dust the translucent powder all over my face. Powder is the easiest step to use too much of, and it can quickly change the finish of your face make up! I've linked a few great options for translucent powders down below. 
7. Don't bronze your whole face
I've always applied bronzer all over my face to make myself look more tan. After going back and looking at pictures though, I realized that I actually looked orange and cakey. Knowing the right places to apply bronzer can not only help you look smooth, but it can also help slim the face. You should apply bronzer at a diagonal line from the top of your ears down to your chin. You can also apply bronzer to the sides of your forehead close to your hairline and under your chin to create a "shadow" effect and slim the face. Also make sure to use a bronzer that isn't too orange! I've linked my favorites below.
8. Practice makes perfect
I know this last tip sounds silly, and some people think "It's just make up, what do you need to practice?", but I have found that I really have gotten better the more I do it! I also learn a lot from reading beauty blogs and watching Youtubers. You're not going to have a flawless finish the first time you do make up. I still have days where it doesn't turn out quite like I would like, but my makeup definitely has gotten smoother and more flawless in the past year! So don't get frustrated if you can't get your makeup perfect right away. With time, you will find products and a makeup routine that works for you!

I hope these easy makeup tips help ya'll as much as they have helped me! Also, I am more then happy to answer any questions ya'll ever have. Whether it is questions about certain products, recommendations, tips, etc. please feel free to reach out to me at either or DM me on Instagram! Hope ya'll have a great week!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Connect + Disconnect: Our Trip to Gatlinburg

Hey ya'll! Happy Thursday! I am so excited to share this post because it's a little different than my previous ones. I love writing about fashion, beauty, etc., but every now & then it's nice to share some of my personal life with ya'll. 

One Year. That's how long me and Matt have officially been together. I can't believe a whole 365 days has gone by, but it truly has been the best days of my life! On October 11, we celebrated our first anniversary together by going back to the pizza restaurant that we had our first date at. The weekend of our actual anniversary was hectic, so we decided that we would take a vacation when we got the chance and celebrate it then.

Matt is working on getting his MBA at The University of Alabama and this past weekend was their fall break- so what better time to take a vacation?! We went back and forth on where we should go, but we finally decided that we wanted to rent a cute little cabin somewhere in the mountains and just relax.

I had a strict criteria for our cabin. I wanted it to have the true mountain feel: all wood, hot tub on the porch, secluded, etc. and our choice was perfect! It was a studio type set up and was about 10 minutes outside of downtown Gatlinburg. It was the cutest place ever and exactly what we wanted! It had a fire place, big screen TV, indoor jacuzzi tub and outdoor hot tub, and definitely had that "mountain" feel that I was adamant about getting. I've included a few pictures below so you can see how cute it was!!

So now let's get to the actual trip (I'm going to try to just hit on the main points so this post isn't 10 pages long!) My drive there Friday did not go as well as planned; long story short, it took me an extra two and a half hours to get there. There was a bad wreck and several roads were closed, forcing me to take a very out of the way detour. I was frustrated and grumpy as I sat in traffic, but I kept reminding myself that someone had just been in a terrible wreck and I was just grateful to be alive and safe. I finally made it there and Matt had flowers and champagne waiting for me! He had also already gone to the grocery store, picked up a bottle of my favorite wine, and scouted out a place for us to eat dinner (he's the best!) Definitely was an instant mood booster! We went to dinner at a super casual burger joint right outside of town. Afterwards, we pretty much just hung out and enjoyed each others company. We had a few glasses of Kendal Jackson, played some rummy, and got in the hot tub.

On Saturday, we woke up and made some breakfast and mimosas (that's what they call vacation!) When we were planning our trip, we both were on the same page that we did not want to do anything. There's not much to say about Saturday because that's what we did: nothing. We made a big pot of chili and watched about 10 football games- he better be happy that I enjoy watching that much football! We only left the house once the whole day, just to run to the store super quickly. It was such an uneventful day, yet such a great one. We are currently in a long distant relationship. So when we do get to see each other, we try to squeeze everything we want to do into two short days. It's such a whirlwind every time we visit each other, so it was nice to just be able to stay in sweatpants, watch TV, and relax

We had to check out at 10am Sunday and I was not ready to leave and head back to the real world. I knew life was going to get crazy again quick, but I was so grateful for this time away with Matt. We stopped and had breakfast at this cute little place in town on our way out. We got to follow each other for the majority of our ride, which was nice because I am terrible with directions and it was raining on and off. The whole way home I thought about when the next time we can take a vacation is!

So now to the moral of the story:

We had made a decision at the start of this trip: no laptops and no work. We have both been so ridiculously busy lately: me with the boutique and new blog and him with his overwhelming loads of schoolwork. We are also both actively job searching, so needless to say we have been stressed out lately. We had to take this chance to disconnect and truly let ourselves relax. 

I would say about 75% of my work is done online, so I am often times glued to my phone or computer. I absolutely love what I do and love putting time and effort into my blog, website, and social media accounts. However, it is still so important to disconnect from social media/ online and focus on the things that really matter. I know that it isn't always as easy as just shutting off your phone and saying a temporary "goodbye" to the real world, but when you do get the opportunity take it. Everyone needs time to decompress. Every relationship needs time away from the stress of the real world and time to just enjoy each other. 
Take the time to truly disconnect from the real world and connect with the ones you love!

Thanks for reading and I hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

10 Things I've Been Lovin' This Month

Hey ya'll! This is one of my favorite posts that I have decided to do! On the last day of every month, I am going to share 10 products, pieces of clothing, trends, etc. that I have been loving during that month. These aren't necessarily new things, or even my "holy grail" items, but specifically things that I loved and used over and over again that month. I am going to try to include a mix of beauty/ skin products, fashion pieces, and lifestyle items. I hope you enjoy reading about my monthly favorites!

I decided to group my favorites based on categories, so let's start with beauty products.

1. Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast: This is the best volume spray to add texture to your hair! I especially like to use this when my hair is freshly shampooed, because I have a difficult time holding curl or adding volume when my hair is super clean. I also enjoy this product because it doesn't make your hair have that "crunchy" feel. I recommend this to anyone who wants to achieve instant volume and texture.
2. Bare Minerals Bare Pro Foundation: I have been using this foundation for a little over a month now and I have really been enjoying it! I don't like a super matte foundation, so the "natural matte" finish this gave off was perfect for me. It's really easy to blend and covers up any rough spots or discoloration. I also love it because they have a huge shade range, with about 30 different options, and matching your perfect color is super easy. If you are in the market for a new foundation, you should definitely try this one!
3. Tarte Shape Tape: If you watch any beauty Youtube videos, then I am sure you have heard of this concealer! Everyone is constantly talking about, so I finally decided to give it a try a few weeks ago, and it definitely lives up to the hype! It's extremely full coverage, which comes in handy when you are lacking sleep. It's also super creamy and easy to blend out. Since I've started using this, I can't find another concealer that compares!
4. Tory Burch Absolu Rollerball: I usually don't buy designer perfumes, but I decided to splurge and buy this Tory Burch Rollerball and it was totally worth the money! I noticed such a difference in the quality of the fragerance. I also can tell a difference in how long the scent lasted on my skin. I put it on in the begining of the day and I could still smell it when I went to bed that night. It's also the perfect size to just throw in my purse and carry with me all day. I definitely think this perfume is worth the money!
5. Morphe 350 Eyeshadow Pallet: This pallet just screams fall! The colors are great for both everyday looks and dramatic looks, and the shadows are extremely blendable. Also, the price is unbeatable! You get 35 shades, a mixture of mattes and shimmers, for only $23. I feel like this pallet is a great staple item to have in your makeup collection!

Okay, so now let's talk about my fashion/ lifestyle favorites from October.

6. Cardigans: Cardigans have been one of my favorite fashion pieces from this month. They were the perfect layering piece for this overwhelmingly warm October. I would wear one of these with almost every outfit because the mornings would be cool, but by later that afternoon it had warmed up and I could just take the cardigan off. I have cardigans in almost every fabric/ color combination, but here, here, and here are some of my favorites. 
7. Frayed Denim: This was one of my favorite trends in October! I absolutely love the frayed detail on the bottom of my jeans. These jeans pair perfectly with everything- from tee shirts to dressy tops. I wore mine almost every day and ended up buying multiple of the same pair. I got mine from Unhinged Lifestyle Boutique, but you can find similar here
8. Cowhide: I have loved cowhide for the past few months, but I have especially been loving it in October. Adding a cowhide clutch or cross-body to your outfit adds the perfect amount of fall detail to your outfit. I also have been loving this cowhide bracelet. I get all of my cowhide items from either Unhinged Lifestyle Boutique or Scott's Antique Market because I have not found prices comparable to those. 
9. Marc Fisher Cheetah Mules: I have been loving both cheetah print and mules lately, so these are the best of both worlds! They are extremely comfortable, so they are perfect for all day wear. They are pretty bold, so I would definitely recommend staying simple with the rest of your outfit and letting these be the star of the show. For example, I usually just wear them with black denim and a plain black cotton shirt. I definitely recommend investing in a good pair of mules for this fall & winter!
10. Bridge Water Candles: I am a sucker for a good candle, and these are some of the best! Not only is the packaging extremely beautiful, but the smell of these is amazing. I get mine from a cute store in downtown Senoia called Relish. Anytime a Bridgewater candle is purchased, the company feeds a child through an organization callled I love shopping, but I especially love shopping for a cause!

These monthly favorites are going to be pretty lengthy posts, but I want to give ya'll a full review and provide lots of details about why I loved these items so much! I hope ya'll enjoyed reading about my favorite products from October!

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